Baby Blanket

Don’t you love it when new babies arrive. A good excuse to do some special sewing and when a friend asked for a special baby blankee I was on to it. I saw a gorgeous baby blanket on nanacompany and bought the pattern for the embroidery. If you haven’t already seen the nanacompany blog then head on over there, it is an absolute delight, Amy is such a talent and I loooove visiting her blog to drool over her latest creations.

Here are a few pictures. Would add more but my gorgeous teenager had used up all the internet allowance for this month and I have to wait till Monday before I am back on line at full speed!
Lily Blanket 1

Lily Blanket Bee Tea

Lily Blanket fold

Lily Blanket Petite

Lily Blanket Stitchery 2

Lily Blanket top 2

I used some favorite pieces from the stash and vintage chenille bedspread that my friend Fran had found at an op shop.
All reports were that Lily loved her new blanket (and so did her mum and dad).




  1. Allison says:

    This is so lovely! I saw your note on your order and had to stop by and say hello! Happy New Year and thanks for the link to your cute site! 🙂 -Allison

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