Easter craftiness – Easter Cards with free template

I was busy this morning making some cards for a little shop in my home town who are very kind and take pretty much anything I care to make for them to sell. My hand made fabric cards have been a hit so I decided to make some Easter Cards for them.
I’ve been making cards for a while now, they are fun and easy to create and can save you a bundle on buying cards.
First I print my logo and contact details on to some 200gsm white card – I can fit two cards to an A4 sheet. Trim these, and fold by hand, you can iron the fold later to make a crisp edge.
Card back

Then I iron visoflex (or wonder under) on to scrap pieces of fabric, draw my designs, cut them out and iron on to the card. At this point I should mention that I put some baking paper over the fabric and card before I press with the iron. It protects the paper. Don’t have steam on and high heat is good, only a few seconds needed to bond the fabric to the paper.
Card Bunny stitches

Let this cool then use a fine black ink pen – I use Staedtler 0.5 pigment liner ( a fineliner or fine sharpie would do) – to mark stitch lines around your shapes. When you do this the fabric seems to just pop up from the paper. I add extra things sometimes, like flowers etc. but if you are not confident about your drawing, then you don’t have to.
Cards Egg Bunny

Card Heart

Card Eggs

Card Bunny

Card Bird
And here is a very rushed pdf of the templates for the Bunny, Bird, Heart and egg.

Picklefish Easter Card template