Grand Final – Completion of a major project

Hello there. Today is Grand Final Day – Aussie Rules Football that is. If you are from elsewhere on the globe this may not mean much, but here in Australia it is a big day!
For an entirely different reason this Grand Final day is really special. My beautiful, amazing, mutli-talented mum has just completed a project she started in September 2010.
Get a load of these photos

IMG_3345IMG_3342 IMG_3341 IMG_3340 IMG_3339

I even love the back of the tapestry


So here are the stats:

Pattern purchased from Scarlet Quince

Original Painting by Gerard Van Spaendonck –

167 DMC thread colours, 4 strands to each stitch and mostly a blend of two colours for each stitch

196,000 stitches in total

Size:  56cm wide x 72cm high

Mum generally worked on the project for about 3-4 hours each night for four years.

Go mama – you are amazing.




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