Betty Boop Myki and business card holders

From the moment I found this fabric at a local quilt shop I have been itching to head to the studio and make some Myki/Business Card holders with Betty Boop.

I found some time yesterday and whipped up a few.  (Actually instead of doing the jobs I was meant to do I played with fabric and sewing machine) I love them and I will be sad to part with these ones.  They will be packaged up and end up at Ballyhoo Art and Wildings and maybe my etsy store.

Betty Boop Octagon

Betty Boop trio

Betty Boop

What is a MYKI you may well ask?  Well it is the Travel Card that needs to be purchased if you want to travel on public transport (trams, trains and buses) in Melbourne and some regional centres.  I think they call it the OPAL card in Sydney.  A friend of mine asked me to make a holder for her.  Several prototypes later I came up with this design.



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  1. Liane says:

    Great for carrying your medication in as well. Can find it easily in your bag or carry in a pocket for men or women. You are able to see where and what the tablets are, and they are safe and well protected.

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