Lovely Last minute Linen Liberty Lavender Loveheart

Note to self:   Make something for the local shop for Valentine’s Day

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Combining three loves – Liberty, Linen and Lavender was a bit of fun so I thought I would share this quick and easy post about how I made these LLLLovehearts.

Heart Shapes Template:  Linen Liberty Lavender Lovehearts

Using the Heart template attached, I used the small heart to draw on to some double sided iron on sticky stuff (visoflex or wonder under), ironed it on to some liberty fabric then cut them out with short sharp scissors.

Liberty heart cutouts
Using the large heart template, draw around it in pencil on to some Linen – leaving enough space to cut them out later, individually with pinking shears.
Iron on the liberty hearts in the centre of the linen hearts.

Sewing two pieces together

Place another piece of linen under your drawn hearts and stitch right on the edge of the liberty heart, leaving a 1″ opening to fill with Lavender and wheat. When you come to the top centre of the heart slip in some string or ribbon and back stitch at this point to make it secure.

I ALWAYS use Aurifil threads,  when I am top stitching and I love the 28wt.  Also I set the stitch length to 3.4

Cut around the heart on your pencil line, being careful not to chop off the string or ribbon you have inserted

cut around heart

fill with wheat and lavender

After you have put the wheat and lavender in, then stitch closed.

At this point I also insert my picklefish label

stitch heart closed

Voila, a lovely little linen liberty lavender loveheart.


You could of course use any fabric combinations you like and I am sure they would be lovely.

If you make some yourself, I’d love to see how they turned out, and of course if you have any questions, drop me a line.

Cheers,   Mel