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It is a bit embarrassing when people go to my blog and I am talking about Easter (that was the last blog post I did).  It is kind of hard to reconcile how fast the months pass.  If you don’t regularly blog, does that mean you are 1. Not doing anything worth blogging about, 2. Too busy 3. Too distracted 4. Your priorities are wrong????

I think it is a mixture of 2 to 4, I reckon I have lots to blog about, in fact I say to myself all the time “I should blog about that!” Then 2 sets in, followed closely by 3.

Well I am going to keep this blog short and sweet and just share with you a photo of a quilt I recently finished.   I started it in the year 2009 because it was my dear friend Annie’s 50th Birthday coming up on 2nd January, 2010.  I would be well prepared and ceremoniously hand it to her on the day of her birthday.

Sorry Annie, my husband left me, I’m having a bit of a crisis, can’t do anything straight, let alone cut straight lines.   Fast forward to birthday number 55, and in between a few gentle digs from Annie – “where’s my quilt Mel?!”  (we have that kind of relationship – it’s ok, and she did give me my beautiful 50th birthday present on time – painted by her).  2nd Jan 2015 – still no quilt but a “report card” promising it would definitely arrive before Winter!  Did I mention which Winter?

So finally the other day, quite unexpectedly I arrived at Annie’s house with a package all wrapped up and I presented Annie with her 50TH BIRTHDAY PRESENT!

She loved it, and she cried……. just how I imagined the scene over 5 years before.   Love you Annie, you are the best friend a girl could have.

Annie's Quilt

It is a VERY big quilt (83 x 96″), two of my colleagues at work are standing on chairs so they can hold it up for the photo.

Whoo hoo, done, managed to avoid 2,3 and 4 above.  Lets see how long between the next blog post!

Credits:  Kaffe Fassett design, from his book Quilts en Provence




  1. Blathering says:

    Since you write a blog about the activity of making things, eg this quilt, one does expect you to take the time to make the quilt first! In this case it sounds like life got in the way for a while there….well done for finishing the quilt, and writing the post. It’s been a productive long weekend!

  2. Annie Frazier says:

    Awww so lovely to hear about my quilt. It did take a bit of prompting from me, (like birthdays 51, 52, 53, 54 and 55) so number 56 came around and there it is my amazingly gorgeous quilt made by hand by a true friend and top quilter. EVERYONE who enters my house gets the quilt story and there has been lots of gushing over my bed!!

    I still cannot walk past my rom without taking s sneak peek at those colours and pallalagrams (what ever they are!)

    Thank you so much Mel.

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