Thanks for stopping by my blog.  This is where I share hand made craft goodness that is sew up my alley….(pun intended)

Here is a little snippet about me……..

I was given a Singer treadle sewing machine when I was eight years old and I distinctly remember my first craft business making a mountain of frogs, filled with beans.

My mother has sewn all her life, she is a master pattern maker/designer and started her own clothing manufacturing business when she was in her 20’s.  So I was around industrial sewing machines early on, often helping at the factory with overlocking, simple piecing, laying up the fabric at the cutting table, and doing all the odd jobs at the clothing factory in the school holidays.  I loved the environment but chose a different career for myself.  Besides who needed to sew when I had such a talented mum and endless supply of the latest fashions.

A big break from sewing in my adult years whilst I started my career, I traveled for a bit then started my own business The Melbourne Map – if you are curious you can see a youtube video here of the project – filmed 25 years ago!


I met my partner whilst flying in Hot Air Balloons over Melbourne to take photos for the map. We made a couple of gorgeous babies (my best achievement), followed by a move to the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula to build Australia’s largest land based Abalone Aquaculture Farm.

In 2005 my dear friend Trudy took me to a quilt show……and the fabric stash and the quilting and craft obsession began.

I am blessed with a studio space in the back yard and I love creating out there although there are tools and fabrics and half completed projects all around the house as well!

I’m a single mum now although those babies are quite grown up and very independent. Up until recently I worked for an amazing Theatre company however I’ve taken the leap and am working on a new version of The Melbourne Map.

This little blog is where I  share some of my sewing moments and crafty pursuits.  You can also find me on  Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.