iChair – the ultimate accessory for your iPhone, iPod or Android

I thought I would introduce you to my iChairs™. I have been working on and perfecting these over the last couple of years. I now have the iChair™ trademark in Australia and have made loads of these for family, friends and a few local stores around town

I made this little video today. First time I have blogged about my iChairs™, first time I have made a video, first time I have attempted to load one up to a post – I hope all this technology works! Actually I have just watched it and it is mostly out of focus – sorry about that! I’ll try harder next time.

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Easter craftiness – Easter Cards with free template

I was busy this morning making some cards for a little shop in my home town who are very kind and take pretty much anything I care to make for them to sell. My hand made fabric cards have been a hit so I decided to make some Easter Cards for them.
I’ve been making cards for a while now, they are fun and easy to create and can save you a bundle on buying cards.
First I print my logo and contact details on to some 200gsm white card – I can fit two cards to an A4 sheet. Trim these, and fold by hand, you can iron the fold later to make a crisp edge.
Card back

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Baby Blanket

Don’t you love it when new babies arrive. A good excuse to do some special sewing and when a friend asked for a special baby blankee I was on to it. I saw a gorgeous baby blanket on nanacompany and bought the pattern for the embroidery. If you haven’t already seen the nanacompany blog then head on over there, it is an absolute delight, Amy is such a talent and I loooove visiting her blog to drool over her latest creations.

Here are a few pictures. Would add more but my gorgeous teenager had used up all the internet allowance for this month and I have to wait till Monday before I am back on line at full speed!
Lily Blanket 1

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Mothers Day Gift idea

Well Mothers Day is fast approaching and aren’t we grateful for our mums, they are a joy in our lives and so important to recognise what they do for us every day, but especially on Mothers Day.

My Mum is an inspiration in so sew many ways. She will be 78 this June and just a bundle of energy, always in the garden, or her sewing room, or doing something for others.

I found this gorgeous card in BallyHoo, which is a most delightful shop in Geelong, packed with hand-made goodness. The card was made by a lovely local girl who doesn’t have a blog yet, but if you would like one of her creations you should call into BallyHoo in Ryrie Street, Geelong, or stop by their Facebook page.

Love You Mum card

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Myki Keeper

Necessity is the mother of invention. O.k. it is not an amazing invention, however a friend of mine said “Mel you need to sew me something to keep my Myki Card in”.

Sew here it is, made with 100% cotton designer fabrics and aurifil threads, quilted on the outside, fused stabiliser on the inside, sturdy clear plastic which:

1. Keeps your travel card secure and safe
2. You can see the card
3. No need to take the card out of the pocket, just swipe and go.

There is room for another store card, or your business cards, or perhaps your ID, in case you lose it and some gorgeous honest person wants to give it back.

(for those reading this from another country – or planet – a Myki Card is a new transport pass introduced by the Victorian Government. My Myki Keeper will also suit any similar travel card, or business card, or store cards!)

I will eventually make a pattern for these, but in the mean time you can find them in my Etsy Shop – go to the My Esty Shop tab above and click on the link.

More sewing to do tomorrow!
Hope you are having a nice Easter


Free Passport Pocket Pattern

I have my IT expert in town (my daughter has come to visit) and she is going to help me work out how to attach a PDF of a Passport Pocket pattern.  I wrote this pattern to include in a gift for the girls in my local quilt group.  We made up kits for Christmas.


Image 1P1060461

Picklefish Passport Wallet

Well hopefully that worked, and if you click on this link a pattern will appear.   I have made several of these Passport Pockets for friends travelling overseas – and they loved them!   Enjoy the pattern.  Mel

My Studio

Here I go, joining blogland and hoping to have as much fun posting as I do reading all the other crafty contributions in cyberspace.

I have lots I want to share with you, and lots to learn I think.  There is more to know about posting than I thought so bear with me as I navigate my way along the journey.

First of all let me show you where I sew.  I’m extremely lucky to now have a dedicated studio in the back yard, a place to gather all my goodies and house all my “started projects” .  And there are lots of them.

resting chairImage 7 Image 8Image 12

Well this is the outside.

I was going to wait until I tidied up a little before I showed you the inside, however, that is highly unlikely to happen in the near future so here is my space, cluttered, busy and ….sew up my alley.

Image 3Image 5Image 6

I’ll be back with more, see you then.