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Myki Keeper

Necessity is the mother of invention. O.k. it is not an amazing invention, however a friend of mine said “Mel you need to sew me something to keep my Myki Card in”.

Sew here it is, made with 100% cotton designer fabrics and aurifil threads, quilted on the outside, fused stabiliser on the inside, sturdy clear plastic which:

1. Keeps your travel card secure and safe
2. You can see the card
3. No need to take the card out of the pocket, just swipe and go.

There is room for another store card, or your business cards, or perhaps your ID, in case you lose it and some gorgeous honest person wants to give it back.

(for those reading this from another country – or planet – a Myki Card is a new transport pass introduced by the Victorian Government. My Myki Keeper will also suit any similar travel card, or business card, or store cards!)

I will eventually make a pattern for these, but in the mean time you can find them in my Etsy Shop – go to the My Esty Shop tab above and click on the link.

More sewing to do tomorrow!
Hope you are having a nice Easter